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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Dehradun Pincode / Post Office Search (DEHRADUN, Uttarakhand)

Ajabpur S.O 248121DehradunUttarakhand
Anarwala B.O 248003DehradunUttarakhand
Araghar S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Arahat Bazar S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Arkediagrant B.O 248007DehradunUttarakhand
Badonwala B.O 248140DehradunUttarakhand
Badripur B.O 248005DehradunUttarakhand
Ballupur S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Banjarawala B.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Barasi B.O 248008DehradunUttarakhand
Barlowganj S.O 248122DehradunUttarakhand
Barontha S.O 248124DehradunUttarakhand
Bhagwantpur B.O 248009DehradunUttarakhand
Bhauwala B.O 248007DehradunUttarakhand
Bidholi B.O 248007DehradunUttarakhand
Bullawala B.O 248140DehradunUttarakhand
Cannaught Place S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
CDA(A.F) S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Chhiddarwala B.O 249204DehradunUttarakhand
Clementtown S.O 248002DehradunUttarakhand
Dakra S.O 248003DehradunUttarakhand
Dalanwala S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Defence Colony B.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Defence Colony S.O 248012DehradunUttarakhand
Dehradun Cantt H.O 248003DehradunUttarakhand
Dehradun City S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Dehradun G.P.O. 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Dehradun Kty S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Dhanyari B.O 248008DehradunUttarakhand
Dilaram Bazar S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Dodhli B.O 248140DehradunUttarakhand
Doiwala S.O 248140DehradunUttarakhand
Dwara B.O 248008DehradunUttarakhand
Fatehpur Tanda B.O 248140DehradunUttarakhand
Ghangora S.O 248141DehradunUttarakhand
Gujrara B.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Harrawala B.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Hathi Barkala S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Hathipaon B.O 248179DehradunUttarakhand
I.I.P. S.O 248005DehradunUttarakhand
I.M.A. S.O 248007DehradunUttarakhand
I.N.C. S.O 248006DehradunUttarakhand
I.P.E. S.O 248195DehradunUttarakhand
Ithrana B.O 248143DehradunUttarakhand
Jhanda Bazar S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Jharipani B.O 248179DehradunUttarakhand
Kalsi Gate S.O 248159DehradunUttarakhand
Kandoli B.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Kanwali B.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Kanwali Road S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Karanpur S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Kaulagarh S.O 248003DehradunUttarakhand
Kempty B.O 248179DehradunUttarakhand
Khairi B.O 248140DehradunUttarakhand
Khurbura S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Kingcraig S.O 248179DehradunUttarakhand
Kishanpur B.O 248009DehradunUttarakhand
Kulhan B.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Kumalda B.O 248008DehradunUttarakhand
Lachhiwala B.O 248140DehradunUttarakhand
Landaur Cantt B.O 248179DehradunUttarakhand
Landaur S.O 248179DehradunUttarakhand
Majra S.O (Dehradun) 248171DehradunUttarakhand
Maldevta B.O 248008DehradunUttarakhand
Manduwala B.O 248007DehradunUttarakhand
Markhamgarant B.O 248140DehradunUttarakhand
Mawana Kolti B.O 248179DehradunUttarakhand
Mehuwala B.O 248171DehradunUttarakhand
Mohbewala B.O 248002DehradunUttarakhand
Mothrowala B.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Mussoorie S.O 248179DehradunUttarakhand
Naa S.O 248179DehradunUttarakhand
Nagal Bulandawala B.O 248140DehradunUttarakhand
Nagal Jwalapur B.O 248140DehradunUttarakhand
Nakronda B.O 248008DehradunUttarakhand
Nathuwala B.O 248008DehradunUttarakhand
Nawada B.O 248005DehradunUttarakhand
Nayagaon B.O 248007DehradunUttarakhand
Nehrugram B.O 248005DehradunUttarakhand
Nehrugram B.O 248005DehradunUttarakhand
Neshvilla Road S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Newforest S.O 248006DehradunUttarakhand
Nivh B.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Raipur(O.F) S.O 248008DehradunUttarakhand
Rajawala B.O 248007DehradunUttarakhand
Rajpur S.O (Dehradun) 248009DehradunUttarakhand
Ranjhawala B.O 248008DehradunUttarakhand
Refugee Camp B.O 248007DehradunUttarakhand
Resham Majri B.O 248140DehradunUttarakhand
Rispana S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Sahiya S.O 248196DehradunUttarakhand
Sahstradhara B.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Sarona B.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Saura Sarauli B.O 248008DehradunUttarakhand
Savoy Hotel S.O 248179DehradunUttarakhand
Sayedwala S.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Seemadwar S.O 248146DehradunUttarakhand
Selaqui S.O 248011DehradunUttarakhand
Shamshergarh B.O 248001DehradunUttarakhand
Shigali B.O 248003DehradunUttarakhand
Sinola B.O 248003DehradunUttarakhand
Tapovan B.O 248008DehradunUttarakhand
Telbhawan S.O 248003DehradunUttarakhand
Tunwala B.O 248005DehradunUttarakhand
Turner Road S.O 248002DehradunUttarakhand
Umedpur B.O 248007DehradunUttarakhand
Yamunapul B.O 248158DehradunUttarakhand